Sunday, June 5, 2011

Healthy Mango Cake

Healthy Mango Cake - Eating healthy food can be anything and in many ways. One of them can make Mango Cake. Make a cake with mango addition it will increase the vitamin in the cake. Raw ingredients used to make Mango Cake is 250 grams of margarine, 200 grams sugar, 5 eggs, 200 grams of wheat flour, 25 grams of milk powder, 25 grams of corn flour, 200 grams of candied mango, cut into small.

Delicious Tiramisu Strawberries

Delicious Tiramisu Strawberries - Strawberries are the fruit is very tasty and much liked by many people. And of the materials used to make contain much nutritional value. For the ingredients required is 200 g strawberries washed, sliced ​​thin; for 2 parts, 250 ml whipped cream cartons, 1 pan sponge cake (cut into thin strips into 2 parts), 100 g of refined sugar.

Yam Woon Sen Typical Thai Cuisine

Yam Woon Sen Typical Thai Cuisine - typical dishes from Thailand was named Yam Woon Mon It was also very tasty. If you can not directly taste in Thailand, to try to cook it yourself. Here are the necessary ingredients to make it.