Friday, March 11, 2011

Tapai Special Food From Indonesia

Tapai (often also written as a tape) is a type of confectionery which is produced from the fermentation process (fermentation). Tape can be made from cassava (manioc) and the result is called "tape cassava". When made from glutinous rice and glutinous black and white, the result is called a "tape pulut" or "tape ketan".

Tape Singkong

Cassava 5 kg
Yeast 5 grains (BRP grams?)
How to manufacture:
Cassava chopped medium size, peel and wash clean.
Steamed briefly until slightly soft, not to bloom. Remove and let cool slightly.
Puree / crushed yeast tape (usually a white ball-shaped yeast tape of baso, or smaller again, and sold in small plastic balls containing yeast 3-4).
Sprinkle evenly across the surface of cassava. Cover with banana leaves (or plastic wrap with a hole in some places and cover with a cloth napkin).
Store in a warm place for 1-2 days until the cassava becomes soft.

Tape ketan


1000 g glutinous rice
Yeast tape 2 eggs
Cinnamon leaf to taste
How to manufacture:
Glutinous rice soaked for 4 hours.
Cinnamon leaf was extracted by adding water, continue to be filtered.
Furthermore, glutinous rice that has been soaked, steamed until half cooked, then removed.
Into the glutinous rice that has been half-baked cinnamon added to the liquid as a green dye. The mixture was stirred in the basin for the color evenly.
The mixture is steamed until cooked for about 30 minutes.
Once cooked mixture is removed, then cooled over nyiru, then given a yeast that has been crushed first, and stir until evenly distributed.
The mixture is wrapped with banana leaves or plastic in a meeting (usually in the packet is added onions and peppers with the intention that tapenya could be damaged or not), then stored for 2-3 days (fermented). After that, tape is ready for consumption.

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