Friday, June 3, 2011

Freshness Rujak Serut in Hot Weather

Freshness Rujak Serut in Hot Weather - Freshness is created from a variety of fruits are mixed together. In Indonesia called Rujak. There are many kinds of salad, but one of them is Rujak Serut / Rujak Gobed / Rujak Passover. And I will provide recipes and how to make it.

The ingredients needed are easy ie ½ kg red sweet ½ kg of young mango, ½ kg pineapple, ½ kg kedondong, ½ kg of yam, ½ kg of cucumber, ½ kg sugar, 3 pieces of red chili, cayenne pepper 5 pieces. How to make is to peel all fruits, except the young mango washed enough alone. Then crushed using a coarse grater. Special pineapple, diced. Mix together in a container. Puree red peppers, chilli and palm sugar, grated into a variety of fruit mix and stir well. Rujak fresh shaved served in a cold state.

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