Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pastel eggs

Ingredients (a):

* 1 kg of boiled potatoes, mashed
* 3 eggs
* 1 ounce butter
* Spices seasoning
* Nutmeg smooth
* Salt to taste

Ingredients (b):

* 1 chicken boiled and then cut the meat
* 1 ounce of milk poured hot water
* 1 / 4 ounces of boiled and sliced ​​mushrooms
* 1 ounce of boiled papaya and cut flowers
* 1 ounce chopped onion
* 2 eggs hard boiled sliced ​​for garnish
* pepper, nutmeg smooth, cloves, seasonings, soy sauce, and a little salt cooked stew, that is sauteed and given little water
* Salt to taste


1. All material (a) mixed into one. partially arranged above pirex, then stew / ingredient (b) placed on it again and closed with material (a) a half-section again. after it is baked until cooked.
2. Garnish with sliced ​​boiled egg. serve.

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