Friday, March 11, 2011

Bir pletok special Drink From Indonesia

Bir Pletok is the drink typical from Jakarta,Indonesia. Although it contains katabir, but usually do not contain alcohol Bir Pletok. Bir Pletok made from ginger juice, sugar, basil flower essence and roots. When we drink beer pletok, first of all was spicy, but then the body will feel warm influence of the ingredients contained therein.



1 ½ liters of water.
150 ml sugar.
1 cinnamon stick.
3 stalks lemongrass.
50 grams of ginger, peeled and crushed.
1 cup wood jumput.
½ tsp salt.
1 tablespoon ground coffee.

How To Make

Boil water until boiling, then enter the cinnamon, lemon grass, coffee powder, ginger and wood wind, and cook until aromatic.
Enter your sugar and salt, reduce heat, boil again for 15 minutes, remove from heat.
Serve hot or cold (warm drink would be more enjoyable)

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