Friday, March 11, 2011

Cincau Ice Special Drink From Indonesia

Ice is a kind of grass jelly drink jelly. Gelatin contained in this drink made from lemon grass jelly leaves, so that usually agar-agar is on green grass jelly ice. However there are some innovations made by the seller so that grass jelly ice gelatin derived from the leaves of this grass jelly into another color like pink.
In addition to green grass jelly cincau There is also a natural black.


300 grams of ready-made green grass jelly.
500 ml coconut milk cooked.
ice cubes to taste.
Red syrup:
300 gr sugar.
100 ml of water.
2 pieces of pandan leaves.
2 pieces of orange leaves.
red dye.

How To Make

Create a red syrup: boil water, sugar, pandan leaves, lime leaves and red dye to boil.
Prepare syrup glass of red berries, green grass jelly, coconut milk shaved ice serve immediately.

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