Friday, March 11, 2011

Pomegranate Ice Pearl


300 grams of yam, cut into small dice 1 / 2 cm red coloring to taste.
500 cc of boiled water.
1 teaspoon whiting.
50 grams of starch.
10 eyes of jackfruit, long slices.
Gravy coconut milk
1 recipe banana coconut milk ice slurry.

How To Make

Soak Bangkuang whiting in water for 15 minutes, then filter, wash again.
Mix 500 cc of water with red dye, soak yam approximately 20 minutes until red, set aside. Drain to dry.
Prepare the flour, coat Bangkuang.
Boil water, insert the yam and cook until the float, remove from heat. Enter the cold boiled water.
Coconut milk sauce: Mix all ingredients and cook until boiling, remove from heat.
Prepare the glass, good pomegranate pearls, jackfruit, and sugar syrup, add the coconut milk.
Serve chilled with shaved ice.
For 6 people

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