Sunday, March 20, 2011

Young Coconut Ice Cream

Young Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

1 / 2 ltr fresh sus
100 ml coconut water
1 SDK cornstarch, dissolve slightly in water
3 chicken eggs, take the yellow of course and then shaken
200 gr young coconut meat
100 mk heavy cream

How To Make:

Combine coconut milk and water then mix well
Cook over low heat while stirring continues until the heat
Enter the cornstarch liquid and then stirring constantly until boiling
Ambi little dough then mix with egg yolk.
Enter back into the batter. Cook until boiling then remove and keep on stirring until the steam is lost.
Add young coconut meat and cream and stir well.
After a rather cold, put in freezer until half frozen.
Stir again until blended and then store in freezer until frozen.
Serve in small glass cups

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