Friday, March 11, 2011

How To Make Tahu / Tofu ?

Tahu is a food made from fermented soy beans and take the juice. Unlike the original tempeh from Indonesia, tahu comes from China, like soy sauce, tauco, bakpau, and meatballs.

How to make a Tahu

  • Soybean ditampi to choose a large seed.
  • Soybeans are washed, then soaked in a big water for six hours.
  • Soybeans are washed again for half an hour.
  • Soybean was divided and placed in ebleg, made of bamboo or plastic.
  • Soybean ground into powder, and soybean grains flowing into the trash receptacle.
  • Soybean grain directly boiled in a large skillet.
  • Soybean porridge then transferred from the frying pan into the tub or vat to be filtered with calico cloth or rough cloth that is laid on a bamboo cage. For all extracts in soybean slurry filtered all, the fabric was placed a wooden board and someone climbed on top and shake-rocking. Filtering waste, called bagasse Tahu, squeezed again by flushing cold water, until no longer contain the essence. Filtering done many times to run out of soy porridge.
  • Water filter is accommodated in the barrel color mixed with yellow or white vinegar to clot. In addition to acetic acid, can also add coconut milk, whey or liquid (water extract tahu when tahu had clot) that has been dieramkan, or powdered rock tahu (sulphate of lime).
  • Acidic water is separated from the clot or white flakes and stored, because still can be used again. Clumps or flakes tahu who began to settle poured in a box measuring eg 50 x 60 cm2 and covered with calico cloth. Dough tahu box compression for one minute, so the water is still mixed in the dough tahu that squeezes out. Dough tahu already solid square cut, for example with size 6 x 4 cm2. Tahu was ready for sale.

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